Who We are

Way of Mercy Foundation (WOMF) started in 2017 and was officially recognized by the government of Somalia on the 13 February 2017 with REG NO 1052/G.37/D12. WOMF was founded by Mohamed Ahmed Moalim, who grew up in abject poverty and deprivation. Mohamed saw how the poor struggled to attend school, have talents but can’t develop them, experienced gender inequalities, the issue of disabilities, environmental unfriendly activities and realized he had to do something. He sees education as a weapon to fight poverty, “for if you train a child, you grow a nation.” started simply by paying school fees for three underprivileged pupils in Somalia.

Our Vision, mission and Strategy

Our Vision

Putting hope, smiles and happiness to the least privileged youths (orphans, physically challenged individuals, vulnerable women and the girl child) by providing best and fully sustainable projects to impact their lives and communities in Somalia and Africa in general.

Our Mission

Our mission is to expose underprivileged youths to quality education, engaging in sports, socio-cultural and environmental upliftment opportunities to improve the Welfare and Wellbeing of the least privileged children in Somalia and Africa in general so they can apply their experiences for the betterment of their families, communities, nation and the world at large.

Our Strategy

This foundation shall use scholarship board, seminars, conferences/ workshops, the media, new information and communication technologies, talks, material support, sporting activities, prize/support and planting of trees ceremonies, visits, holiday’s programmes and volunteering. Also, through writing evidence-based proposals and papers to international, national and country Governments, public bodies and private sector, donors, other charitable organizations for funds, grants, donations and partnerships. Inviting families, individual persons for all forms of assistance and support to enable us assist the many needy community members in our society.

President’s Ideology

Opportunity is found in the most unusual places but it begins with you. I have realized that the way you handle the past define the future. You learn to reposition yourself while you are moving forward in spite of the challenges you have faced and may encounter in pursuit of your dreams. The big question is “How do you expand your horizon without knowledge? Education is relevant in your path to acquire wisdom. My journey has not been easy, it was and still painful to envision big dreams without the means to gain the mileage.

Poverty is the scary giant that stood between me and my expectations but I know education is the strongest weapon against poverty. I am a living proof that education can elevate you from the peripheral margins of the society, to a well reputable citizen. I believe that, what I am today is a product of academic experience that shaped my thought, life and with the understanding that I want to pass the education tours to the African continent. I believe in the African dream and my actions are motivated by the words of these two personalities which I considered role model. John F. Kennedy” Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” and Pravin Jamnadas Gordhan that,” confidence comes from energetic involvement and a willingness to make a direct contribution to change. The imperatives of change are not just challenges to government, they confront all of society”.

I am grateful that many people believed in me and with education programs and hard work, I am pioneering to give other dreamers a hand. God invested in my life to be what I am today, so that I can contribute to the sustainability of Somalia and Africa through education as a catalyst to human development via Way of Mercy Foundation (WOMF).

Please, join us and together we will spread the spirit of change to educate Somalian and Africans in general

Latest Events


Join Us

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Environmental Sanitation

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Call for Partners

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Books Donation Drive 2019

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Training Program

Training Program on Food Hygiene and Food Quality Control Organized by Way of mercy Foundation in collaboration with University of Bosaso. The training was intended to enlighten the trainees.
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Food hygiene and Quality Control Training

This training was organized to help the trainees have basic skills that will enable them to identify defective goods in Bosaso. It was a 1 day training organized by Way of MercyRead More...
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